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Kevin Durant calls Reggie Jackson’s celebration ‘bush league’


Kevin Durant came out Thursday and echoed Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook’s sentiment that Reggie Jackson’s celebratory antics during the Detroit Pistons’ 88-82 win Tuesday lacked class while calling it “bush league.”

Durant, along with Serge Ibaka, had planned rest days for Tuesday’s game, meaning Thursday’s Thunder shootaround was the first time he was made available to the media. The superstar sarcastically pointed out the undermanned Thunder lineup when ripping Jackson for his celebrating.

“It was bush league, in my opinion,” Durant after shootaround, via ESPN. “Jumping up and down, running around. I understand you’re happy you won the game, but our whole team didn’t play. We would’ve beat the hell out of them if it did.”

Durant then took a potshot at Detroit for good measure.

“I wanted to play against Detroit, for sure, but you know, it’s Detroit,” he said. “Who cares about Detroit?”

The Pistons, at 40-35, sit inside the top eight in the Eastern Conference, currently a half-game up on the eight-seeded Indiana Pacers. So, the shot at Detroit was arguably uncalled for.

Jackson — , who left the Thunder last season under somewhat controversial circumstances — nevertheless deserved some criticism for his antics. He was seen waving his arms to the hometown fans in triumph while Aron Baynes shot his game-clinching free throws late in the game. Making matters worse, he allegedly was saying “Get out” to the Thunder bench and then exchanged words with Steven Adams.

“I know I don’t talk like that, but that pissed me off,” Durant said. “But what can I do about it? Some guys are who they are. They won the game, congrats.”