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Derek Jeter asked if he’d want to be Donald Trump’s running mate


For some reason known only to the individual who posed the question, Derek Jeter was asked if he’d have any interest in being the Vice President on Donald Trump’s ticket — despite his complete lack of political experience — should the potential Republican candidate be nominated.

And not surprisingly, the former New York Yankees great — who served as an ambassador on Major League Baseball’s visit to Cuba last week — deftly evaded getting caught up in any kind of quagmire by providing a response that wouldn’t offend anyone irrespective of their particular political leanings.

Jeter was about as media-savvy as professional athletes come during his Hall of Fame career, so it’s not shocking that he knew how to avoid getting swept up in a firestorm by publicly declaring anything about his political beliefs one way or the other.

And given how Trump has proven to be a lightning rod during this presidential nomination season one is likely to simultaneously attract both support and condemnation by taking a side involving the 69-year-old businessman.

In other words, saying something involving Trump while saying nothing substantive at all was arguably the wisest course of action as far as Jeter was concerned.

Furthermore, Jeter has his sights set on another career path that doesn’t involve politics anyway, as he has expressed a desire to get involved in ownership of an MLB team.

“I’m going to start doing it again,” he said of becoming more involved in baseball after avoiding the game during his first year of retirement, per the New York Times. “Because I’ve always been very vocal about my next goal, and my desire is to be part of an ownership group.”