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Dwyane Wade weighs in on LeBron James’ superteam dream


LeBron James mused earlier this week how wonderful it would be to team up with a few of his very best NBA pals to form a superteam of sorts before all of them call it a career.

Dwyane Wade, one of the four that comprise the so-called “Brotherhood” — along with James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul — didn’t appear too inclined to at this point to echo his good friend’s sentiments.

“I don’t know, man,” Wade said, via the Miami Herald’s Ethan J. Skolnik. “I mean, yeah, I heard it, I read it. But I’m not really not jumping into the headlines right now. I’m focused on my teammates right here. As cool as the headlines [are], it has nothing to do with what we’re trying to do in here. So I’m not going to jump into the headlines.”

James created yet another off-the-court story line — something he has been particularly adept at doing over the last several weeks (see (here and here and here) — when he stated he hopes there’s some way he, Anthony, Paul and Wade can conspire to play on the same team some day down the line.

“I would actually take a pay cut to do that,” James said. “It would be pretty cool. I’ve definitely had thoughts about it.”

This latest act by James in part prompted Cavaliers brass to have a couple of sit-downs this week with the superstar to address his recent behavior.

And while Wade was noncommittal at best when asked about James’ wish, Anthony appeared to be more on board with the concept, although he indicated it would have to take place on an NBA team resides “someplace warm.”

The likelihood of such a scenario actually coming to fruition is a long shot at best if not completely impossible, what with all the moving parts that would have to synchronize to create such an eventuality. This makes James’ decision to publicly muse about such a notion an odd one, especially given how he’s supposedly trying to get into postseason mode at this time.

Perhaps even more pressing for James at this juncture is his current team, who he says “took a step backwards” in Thursday’s 104-95 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.