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Young Cavs fan gets tatted up, lands J.R. Smith autograph (pic)


In an oddly amusing set of circumstances, a young Cleveland Cavaliers fan covered himself in tattoos to land an autograph from J.R. Smith on “J.R. Smith Bobblehead Night” that sensibly featured a giveaway featuring a Smith bobblehead that lacked the player’s trademark tattoos.

The (presumably) temporary tatted-up boy was photographed holding said bobblehead and then getting an autograph from the aforementioned player.

The Cavaliers posted a video to alert fans of the upcoming giveaway.

As mentioned above, the Smith bobblehead appeared somewhat peculiar in that nary a tattoo could be found.

Smith of course is one of the most renowned tattoo aficionados in the NBA. He once estimated he has “around 70-something” tattoos. And that was back in 2012. He probably has even more now.

As far as the lack of tattoos on Smith’s bobblehead, though, it would have been awfully difficult to replicate all that ink on a little doll. And it would have taken forever to boot.