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Nationals to give away Bryce Harper Chia Heads on July 5 (pics)


In what will likely be one of the most popular promotions of the 2016 Washington Nationals season, the team will be giving away Bryce Harper Chia Heads to the first 20,000 fans through the gates at Nationals Park for a July 5 game.

The “Chia Bryce,” as the Nationals named it, was revealed during a private “Clubhouse Social” event last week.

Nothing “tired” about this giveaway, that’s for sure.

Suffice to say, odds are certain that the Chia Bryces will be as a hot of a commodity as the Jayson Werth Chia Heads given away last season.

In light of the mocked-up box that suggests fans “Try To Out ‘Do Bryce At His Own Game,” it merits mentioning that the reigning NL MVP once admitted that it takes him 30 minutes to style his hair before games.

Given the seemingly low success rates of actually succeeding in cultivating a fully blossoming Chia Pet, Head or what have you, it will be a difficult challenge indeed to “Out ‘Do Bryce At His Own Game,” especially given how much time the slugger dedicates to his real hairdo.