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Todd Bowles offers up truck in exchange for Pats trading Tom Brady


Nothing arguably would make New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles any happier from a professional standpoint than to not have to face Tom Brady two times every season. So much so, in fact, he joked that if a reporter could effectuate the New England Patriots trading their longtime franchise quarterback, he’d be more than happy to offer up a reward.

During a broader discussion about how the Patriots traded away defensive standout Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals — much to Bowles’ relief — the Jets coach was asked how he would respond if Brady was sent packing.

That’s seems like small time, given the gravity of the hypothetical. Unless it’s a really really really fancy truck — say something like Yoenis Cespedes would drive (or even far more extravagant) — odds are certain Bowles would be thrilled to go far above and way beyond simply giving away his vehicle. A few years’ salary at the very least would be arguably apropos.