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Joe Maddon has mimes lead Cubs in stretching exercises (pics/vids)


Joe Maddon, who obviously ranks among the quirkiest and most eccentric personalities in all of baseball, outdid himself on Tuesday by having a mime lead Chicago Cubs players in stretching exercises in Mesa, Ariz.

Yep, a mime.

So, um, yeah. No one is going to confuse them with Marcel Marceau or anything, but these mimes certainly had some skills.

The case can be made that having a mime lead the way in stretching exercises is a far better option than, say, having some creepy clown do it, what with the prevalence of coulrophobia and whatnot. Maybe.

Maddon of course established a reputation for engaging in odd team-building exercises and other assorted antics during his successful tenure with the Tampa Bay Rays — Sex Panther cologne, anyone? — so it should come as no surprise he is continuing to think well outside the box with the Cubs, something that has been demonstrated on several occasions already this spring training.

After all, Maddon is the same guy who explained the Cubs’ rules regarding player dress code in this fantastic fashion.

(top image via Carrie Muskat/Twitter)