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Clayton Kershaw poses for pics with driver after fender-bender


Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was in a fender-bender this week in Arizona at Camelback Stadium when he was rear-ended by a young woman.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the minor accident and Kershaw apparently was in such good spirits he agreed to pose for photographs with the two young ladies who had just smashed into his car.

What makes the fender-bender arguably more amusing is that the woman was in Arizona to take in some spring training games, as she noted in a post to Facebook.

Welp…. I guess that’s one way to end our spring training vacation … But if you’re going to get in a car accident… Get in an accident with Clayton Kershaw. We are Banged and bruised, but ultimately alright. Thank you Kershaw for being so nice, Arizona highway patrol for dropping us off and Kahl/Guydos family for taking care of us!!

All’s well that ends well, clearly.

Kershaw and the women had plenty of time to kill because they apparently were stranded on the side of the roadfor about two hours. It’s also mentioned in the Facebook comments section of the post by the woman that Kershaw had a bump on his head but otherwise was no worse for wear. He also evidently gave her passenger some grief because she was wearing an Angels shirt. The bump on his noggin obviously didn’t harm his sense of humor, that’s for sure.

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