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Nothing to see here, just Dwyane Wade getting down with Vanilla Ice (vid)


The Miami Heat held the organization’s 19th annual Family Festival over the weekend and arguably the highlight — or lowlight, depending on one’s particular point of view regarding untalented retread musical acts from the 1990s — was a performance from Robert Matthew Van Winkle, better known as the one and only Vanilla Ice.

And the presumably riveting show put on from the one-or-two-hit wonder apparently got Dwyane Wade’s grooving juices flowing, as the superstar jumped on onstage to get down with the Iceman.

To quote Vanilla Ice: Word to your mother. Or something.

The “rapper” has turned gigs at NBA team events into a cottage industry of sorts, as he’s previously performed at a Detroit Pistons game a few years back for “90s Night” and provided his musicianship services for the Minnesota Timberwolves, not once but twice. This clearly means that the T’Wolves didn’t learn their lesson … or quite possibly it indicates that Vanilla Ice has some information the organization would prefer not to go public. It’s the only explanation, right?