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Ravens pull questionable ad placements from Tray Walker coverage


Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker reportedly is fighting for his life after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Miami, Fla. that has left him in critical condition.

As additional details emerge, the Ravens of course are devoting a lot of attention to the tragic events of Thursday, covering the story as it develops on the organization’s website as well as its social media outlets.

Unfortunately, on both an article on the Ravens website and a tweet linking to said article, a corporate partnership with Dunkin Donuts inexplicably was promoted in the Walker coverage.

The tweet has since been deleted and the Ravens wisely modified the article, but The Big Lead managed to get screengrabs of both:


What occurred obviously was an egregious mistake on the Ravens’ part, but it’s entirely possible that promotions of this kind are activated without much oversight, be it by a person or department or otherwise. The fact that the Ravens quickly addressed the gaffe by deleting the tweet and altering the article should be taken into account, although it cannot take away that it happened in the first place.