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LeBron James continues his cryptic ways on social media (pic)


Much has been made of LeBron James’ mysterious social media ways of late. And the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar continued the trend — and will undoubtedly generate more discussion on the subject — with the posting of an arguably cryptic post on Instagram in which he pays tribute to his inner circle of NBA friends … a group that just so happens not to feature one of his Cavaliers teammates.

James took to Instagram Thursday to post a photo collage featuring himself fraternizing with his closest pro basketball pals: Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade.

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“We’ve done so much so far and have so much more to continue to give not only to each other but others around us,” James writes in the post. “Let’s continue to inspire each other as well as the people who look up to us. Who cares what others say that don’t agree with decisions we make because it doesn’t matter, this is our journey, the path we was giving and we’ll continue to walk it heads high guarding each others back throughout it all! Love to my brothers!”

James predictably will blow off any questions about the Instagram post and presumably will downplay any significance or hidden meaning to his decision to post it.

When taken with his many previous social media musings, however, the collage celebrating his NBA friends while seemingly ignoring his Cavaliers family only continues to generate uncomfortable questions concerning how James truly feels about his teammates. And given he’s unafraid to occasionally call them out publicly — leading to speculation of a “real” disconnect between himself and one of his teammates — his actions on social media create for an uncomfortable situation that possibly could serve as a team-wide distraction.

It all may really be much ado about nothing, but the case can be made that James is inviting the arguably unwanted attention and he has the ability to easily avoid it.