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Eric Weddle on ugly San Diego exit: Chargers are ‘dead to me’


Now that Eric Weddle has found a new home with the Baltimore Ravens after signing a four-year, $26 million deal this week, the three-time Pro Bowler and two-time First Team All-Pro selection, felt comfortable describing what can only be described as an ugly divorce between himself and the San Diego Chargers.

How the end of the season played out between Weddle and the Chargers essentially showed the writing was already on the wall concerning the safety’s future with the organization. Incidents including how the team put him on IR even though he says he could play and also fined him $10,000 for watching his daughter perform during an halftime performance highlighted the disconnect.

But Weddle says he knew for certain things were over when Chargers head coach Mike McCoy essentially said as much during an awkward encounter while he was sitting in a hot tub with Philip Rivers.

“He said I had a lot of mileage,” Weddle recalled, via Bleacher Report. “They brought me in to make things better, and made things worse by treating me like I was a nobody. It was shocking.”

Weddle is nevertheless left at a loss regarding why the Chargers didn’t want him. And this has left him bitter.

“I never did one thing wrong. Never was late to a meeting. Never was fined. Never refused to do a charity function for them. Never didn’t sacrifice,” he said. “I was a leader, a captain, an All-Pro. And they showed me the door. I’m as loyal as anyone and will do anything for people I respect. But if you don’t give that back to me in return, you’re dead to me. So I could never go back to that place after what they put me through.”

Weddle has had nothing but wonderful things to say about joining the Ravens organization. It’s safe to assume that he’s ultimately happy with how things played out, despite the apparent ugliness that ensued that occurred as he left the only NFL team he’s ever known.