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Robin Lehner, Ben Scrivens nearly throw down in goalie fight (vid)


The NHL almost saw an incredibly rare event during Wednesday’s game between the Buffalo Sabres and Montreal Canadiens: A goalie fight.

While cooler heads ultimately prevailed, the stage was set for an old-fashioned goaltender brouhaha when a scrum erupted in front of Sabres goalie Robin Lehner’s crease during the second period. Lehner started mixing it up with a couple of Canadiens players, including Michael McCarron. The Habs forward responded to Lehner grabbing his jersey by grabbing the goalie’s facemask.

This prompted Canadiens netminder Ben Scrivens to skate to center ice in an attempt to get Lehner’s attention. Lehner ultimately declined the challenge.

After the game, a 3-2 Canadiens overtime victory, Scrivens discussed the potential for fisticuffs in a lighthearted manner, although he did refer to Lehner in a not-so-flattering way.

“He’s a big boy,” Scrivens told Sportsnet’s David Amber. “He’s a bit of a psycho, but he’s a good guy so I guess I might be kind of lucky I didn’t have to go down, but I would have if my teammates needed it.”

Even Scrivens’ wife has some fun with it.

Scrivens was asked about a skip-tap he gave Lehner later in the game.

“It’s just head games,” he said. “He thinks we’re still going. Look at him he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Kill ’em with kindness right? That’s the gamesmanship. Trying to keep him off-kilter.”

Scrivens was correct in asserting that Lehner still thinks the potential for fisticuffs between the two is possible, as the Sabres goalie threw down the gauntlet after the game.

Lehner’s words exactly about said “open invitation” were as follows:

“If he wants to go, I’m right here,” he said.

It’s safe to say that an always-anticipated goalie fight could still be in the offing.

(image via Sportsnet/Twitter)