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Rob Gronkowski bids adieu to ‘Black Gronk’ Chandler Jones


Rob Gronkowski took to Twitter on Wednesday to bid a fond farewell to pal and former New England Patriots teammate Chandler Jones, who he apparently referred to as “Black Gronk.”

Jones was traded by the Patriots to the Arizona Cardinals this week, and the tight end wanted to make sure the defensive end knew he would be missed.

While Gronk is saddened by Chandler’s departure, the defensive end clearly was having a bit of difficulty adjusting to his new environs given he had a bit of a slip-up when referring to his new team.

Jones’ entire quote, via ABC 15 (by way of For the Win):

“Every single year, I go into the season with the same approach. You never want to think about the past or think about the future. You want to think about the present and what’s going on now. Like I said, to this day, I’m a New England Cardinal…”

He quickly caught himself. “I’m an Arizona Cardinal, and I’m looking forward to this season.”

Slightly awkward, to be sure, but no more awkward perhaps than being referred to as “Black Gronk.”

But let’s be honest: Should we have expected anything less from the likes of Rob Gronkowski?

(top image via Rob Gronkowski/Twitter)