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Yoenis Cespedes’ team barbecue hasn’t sealed prized pig’s fate


One would suspect the news that Yoenis Cespedes was hosting a team barbecue Tuesday that the face of his prized pig may be nearing its arguably most logical conclusion.

That turns out not to be the case, as a report indicates the huge hog will not be on the menu.

The New York Mets slugger, who has been garnering quite a bit of attention this month with his antics, generated a bit of controversy as well a few weeks ago due to the acquisition of a 270-pound grand champion hog at a 4-H Club auction at the St. Lucie County Fair, a purchase that set the Cespedes back a whopping $7,000.

Subsequent reports revealed that the hog had been sent to a butcher for slaughter, but the Mets indicated in a statement that Cespedes had little choice in the matter due to Florida state law.

“The animal can’t be taken home as a pet,” the Mets stated. “There is some sort of state law here in Florida that a hog bought at auction must be slaughtered. So, it’s not really Yoenis’ decision. It just the rule. The pig is not a pet.”

Despite apparently having no other option regarding the fate of the prized pig, Cespedes nevertheless drew condemnation from PETA.

“Yoenis Cespedes can afford $7,000 out of his own pocket, and this loving, loyal, and clever pig is paying the real price with his life,” read a statement from PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange. “It’s a shame that Cespedes dropped the ball here and missed the opportunity to send this pig to a sanctuary, where he could have lived out his days in peace. We’re sending Cespedes some delicious vegan bacon in the hope that he’ll open his heart, not clog it with pig fat.”

So, despite the fact that Cespedes is hosting a team function that just so happens to be a barbecue would lead one to believe that the hog’s fate possibly has been at long last sealed, it appears the prized pig might live to see another day.