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Gregg Popovich says shootarounds mostly could be ‘kaputskied’


The unorthodox methods utilized by the San Antonio Spurs and spearheaded by Gregg Popovich frequently fly in the face of NBA convention. And it’s impossible to argue with the fact the Spurs have enjoyed remarkable, long-lasting success because of the organization steadfastly deciding to go its own way.

Popovich frequently and stubbornly scoffs at the traditional concepts regarding what enables a team to be successful, and the latest target of the curmudgeonly coach’s ire is the gameday shootaround, something nearly every NBA team uses to prepare for a night on the court.

Popovich railed against the notion that teams need to have mandatory shootarounds before every game, something he says the Spurs gave up on “two decades ago.”

“I just think it was the modus operandi for every organization. It was habit. It was what everyone did. If you didn’t do it, you were recalcitrant or you weren’t doing your job,” Popovich said, via the Orange County Register. “Some owners would look and say ‘Why aren’t you doing a shootaround?’ If you were a young coach, you have to have a shootaround because you’re doing what you have to do. And, basically, half of them are total crap – a total waste of time.

“… In general, shootarounds could be kaputskied.”

The Spurs are among a handful of teams who don’t rely upon shootarounds on a game-by-game basis, instead opting to use them on an as-needed basis. In fact, the Los Angeles Clippers — who the now 57-10 Spurs blew out by a score of 108-87 on Tuesday — rarely have shootarounds.

Popovich, who obviously has learned over the years how to get the best out of teams — realizing for veteran-laden squads that remaining fresh throughout an 82-game season far outweighs any perceived benefits of regular shootarounds — utilized a great Wilt Chamberlain quote to wonderfully illustrate his opinion.

It’s hard to argue with Wilt the Stilt on that one.