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Tom Brady: ‘It’s officially cliff jumping season in the Bahamas!’ (pic)


Tom Brady took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce that it’s officially time for him to engage in one of his favorite offseason activities.

The New England Patriots quarterback made the proclamation courtesy of an amusing Photoshop — something he has been known to utilize from time to time on social media — depicting himself plunging into crystal blue waters from an alarming height.

Said Brady in the Facebook post: “It’s officially cliff jumping season in the Bahamas!”

This won’t be the first time Brady has engaged in these kind of arguably risky offseason antics, as photographs surfaced in 2012 of him doing the very same thing in Costa Rica … albeit not from heights depicted in the amusing Photoshop he posted on Tuesday.

Video also surfaced of Brady doing the very same thing in 2015.

Brady understandably does his very best to spend time with wife Gisele Bundchen and his kids while partaking in globetrotting adventures, so it’s no surprise he’s doing the same again this year.

And despite the presence of the minor injury risk associated with cliff jumping, there’s no reason to suspect that anyone in the Patriots organization — or the team’s fans — will take issue with Brady’s upcoming vacationing activities … so long as he continues to keep it somewhat safe by keeping his leaps from a reasonable height.

At least Brady’s many fans can take solace in the fact that he at least hasn’t hinted that he plans to go down any water slides, as unfortunatelyit has resulted in some unflattering photographs in the past.