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Bartolo Colon hit a home run in batting practice, folks


Bartolo Colon’s entertaining antics at the plate are the stuff of legend, although not in the most flattering of ways. But that’s all changed now — relatively speaking — after the 42-year-old New York Mets pitcher went yard during batting practice, something that amazed most onlookers.

One only needs to look at footage of Colon flailing wildly at pitchesamong other at-bat misadventures — during some of his more comical at-bats to understand just how impressive was his spring training, batting practice display.

To put his exploits this week even further in its proper perspective, Colon has never homered in a game during his 18-year, major league career.

Unfortunately, there is no video footage of the home run, but witness accounts indicate the ball Colon smashed tore a branch off a tree once it cleared the fences.

The fact that Colon sawed off a tree branch with his home run ball inspired one of his teammates to suggest a new nickname for the pitcher.

Colon had only 12 career hits heading into last season, but he improved his career .076 average (with 89 strikeouts in 173 plate appearances) by going .138 with eight hits last season.

Colon signed a one-year, $7.25 million deal to stay with the Mets during the offseason. This was of course more due to the impressive pitching performance he put on for a man at his age.

Colon has stated he takes the unflattering attention generated by entertaining at-bats personally, which resulted in him working harder to improve his hitting.

It looks like all the extra effort put into the craft is starting to pay dividends.