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Jacob deGrom to miss spring training start, blames soft mattress


Jacob deGrom will miss Monday’s scheduled spring training start due to back stiffness, something the New York Mets pitcher is blaming on the lack of support from an overly soft mattress.

The 27-year-old right-hander is slated to throw a bullpen session instead and indicated arrangements have been made to rectify the issue, as he’s already in possession of a more supportive mattress.

“I over-nighted a new bed last week, so I had to switch it up and that seemed to work,” he said, via the New York Post, before indicating it has “seemed to make a difference.”

deGrom credited fellow starting pitcher Matt Harvey — who revealed an interesting anecdote about his teammate a few weeks ago — for recommending a firmer mattress.

“Harvey told me about some bed that’s good, and it seems to be working” said deGrom.

DeGrom said he nevertheless remains a bit stiff despite switching up his sleeping arrangements and that the decision to skip the start is to play it safe more than anything.

“I think it’s more precautionary,” he said, via ESPN. “I really didn’t want to ride on the bus for a couple of hours and then go try to pitch. … Today I feel good. Yesterday I felt good. I think it’s just more not sitting on the bus for a couple of hours and then going out there and pitching.”

Baseball players of course are renowned for suffering bizarre injuries due to baffling incidents or accidents, so the notion that deGrom won’t pitch in a spring training game is hardly surprising. So long as he doesn’t do anything drastic related to how one aspect of his appearance apparently baffles hitters, he should be fine.