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NFL analyst on Johnny Manziel: League should ‘blackball’ him (vid)


Johnny Manziel’s time with the Cleveland Browns is without a doubt all but over, with his release a mere formality as reports indicate the team will cut ties with the troubled quarterback sometime on Friday.

Manziel’s erratic behavior over his two years in the NFL has of course been the subject of much scrutiny and in some cases, prompted condemnation. But perhaps no analyst has ever laid such vitriolic waste upon Manziel as NFL Network’s Heath Evans, who savaged the quarterback on Thursday in an on-air, epic rant for the ages.

Evans says in his passionate evisceration that if he had his way, Manziel — because of his numerous transgressions, reckless behavior and seemingly cavalier attitude toward owning up to his mistakes — would be out of the league. Permanently.

“I wish Roger Goodell would pass out a league-wide memo saying we’re going to blackball this young man,” Evans said, as transcribed by the New York Post. “For the betterment of our league, for the betterment of the future of our league, for every young man that gets to watch our great game and the great NFL shield and say, ‘We’re not tolerating this type of selfish, childish, mindless behavior.’”

Evans then argued that Manziel has had enough chances to straighten out and clean up his act.

“I’m okay with first, second, third strike opportunities,” he continued, via The Big Lead. “Breaks and mercy, you won’t find anyone more forgiving. But time and time again this kid spits in the face of our league. There’s too many guys — Solly [Wilcots], myself, Willie McGinest, Eric Davis. I’ll go through a whole list of that guys at our network who have come before him, done things the right way, and he just refuses to respect our game, our shield, and our league.”

While Evans is incredibly passionate about the NFL and the “shield” that represents the league, Manziel is more than likely to get another shot at resurrecting his seemingly shattered pro football career, as three teams reportedly are interested in at least taking a look at him, despite his status as severely damaged goods. He’s proven he has some talent, but the question obviously remains if he is capable of stopping his downward spiral into professional — not to mention personal — self destruction.