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Jordan Spieth fires back at troll, rips PGA Tour on social media


Even Jordan Spieth has acknowledged that he’s struggling with his game at the moment, but he wasn’t about to tolerate trolls talking trash on social media, nor was he going to stand idly by after taking offense to a tweet from the PGA Tour

After misfiring with a 5-over 76 Thursday at the Valspar Championship that leaves him in danger of missing the cut in a tournament he’s the defending champion, the world’s No. 1 golfer fired back at a social media smack talker who essentially called him a one-trick pony, writing, “IF HIS PUTTER IS NOT WORKING, HES GARBAGE. Every other aspect of his game is very average.”

Spieth wasn’t having any of it, replying the contention “couldn’t be further from the truth” before calling the individual as a “troll” and telling him to “go do research before hating.”

He also didn’t appreciate the quote the PGA Tour culled from his comments following his rough round to highlight a story.


Both the PGA Tour and Spieth have since deleted the exchange.

As all this was going on, Spieth found a social media ally in Rory McIlroy, who took to Twitter to defend the only person who sits above him in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Spieth clearly is in a bit of a slump with Thursday being his fifth over-par round in his last nine. But it’s not something he won’t be able to overcome. The 22-year-old indicated as much in his post-round comments.

“I got off to a poor start and I was behind the eight ball with gusty winds on a tough golf course,” Spieth said, via an AP report. “I’ve been feeling good about my game. Unfortunately, right now on my off days — typically my history, I’m able to hold that around even par — I’m just shooting too high a number. And I didn’t quite squeak out even today.”

But in the end, Spieth understands as far as social media is concerned, sometimes it’s best to ignore the trolls and critics.

“I struggle a bit with social media,” he said earlier this year. “Trying to quiet the noise there…I’ve just gone away from looking at any comments on Instagram, Twitter. People just want to say stuff just to say stuff.”