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Goose Gossage on profane rant: ‘I just kind of lost my mind’


Goose Gossage is attracting far more attention than he probably bargained for while serving as a guest instructor for the New York Yankees during spring training.

But the media frenzy that has ensued stems solely from a profanity-laced rant in which Gossage vulgarly complained about the showboating antics from the likes of Jose Bautista and Yoenis Cespedes while lamenting over how “nerds” are ruining the game of baseball.

Both Bautista (here) and Cespedes (here) offered their reactions to Gossage’s fiery comments, events that spun the story even further.

Gossage then doubled down on his original remarks during a radio interview Friday where he expressed no regrets about his old-school take on modern-day baseball. He then took a spirited shot at Bryce Harper, who he said has “no respect” for the game due to comments the slugger made about baseball’s unwritten rules.

Gossage’s rant has since attracted the attention of Yankees brass, as the Hall of Fame pitcher was summoned for a meeting Friday with general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi to have a sit-down to discuss his scathing commentary.

“Everything is good; I just kind of lost my mind there for a minute,” Gossage said. “You’re talking to an old school guy, man; there are things that I have a hard time with. The game taught me a long time ago (to) control what you can control and don’t fret all the other stuff. It’s just what it is. I said what I said yesterday and that’s it.

“They told me where they were coming from and they knew where I was coming from. I understood some things where they were coming from. It was a good meeting. All is well.”

Gossage doesn’t appear to have any regrets over saying what he said or how he said it, however, and hopes his words make an impact in some respect.

“I said what I said,” he said, via “I was passed the torch a certain way to act. Flipping the bat was not part of it. All the things I said, Bautista just came into my mind.

“I was asked a question and I got it off my chest. Hopefully they think about it, because nobody else is going to tell them not to do it. None of their teammates. Act like [Derek] Jeter. Act like [Mariano Rivera]. Act like a professional, that’s all.”