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Stephen Curry lets schoolchildren pour water on his head (video)


The students at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Oakland, Calif., received a thrill for the ages when Stephen Curry dropped by and allowed the kids to dump cups of water on his head.

Suffice to say, the children were overjoyed merely from being in the Golden State Warriors superstar’s presence.

And that reception came before the kids were allowed to drench the reigning MVP.

The soaking of Curry of course was pantomiming what his teammate Draymond Green frequently does to cool off the sharpshooter in celebratory fashion.

Despite all the hijinks that ensued at the elementary school, Curry’s visit also included an important message about the importance of clean drinking water.

The appearance was in part related to Curry’s three-year partnership with Brita through which he endorses the company’s water filtration products and stresses the overall benefits of drinking water.

“Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle,” Curry said in a press release from the company. “Water is my drink.

It’s also the means through which he gave a bunch of kids one memorable experience.