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P.K. Subban meets infant he accidentally injured with puck (pic)


Following Tuesday night’s win over the Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban had the chance to meet the one-month-old infant he inadvertently injured with a tossed puck following a team practice last month.

As Subban cradled little Béatrice in his arms,’s Sean Farrell documented the heartwarming moment.

Shortly after the incident, Valerie Meloche, the child’s mother, took to Facebook to explain how Béatrice suffered a concussion when a puck tossed by Suban into the stands after a practice at Belle Center, an injury that required a night’s stay in the hospital.

“At the end, the players took the time to throw pucks at their young fans,” Meloche wrote on Facebook, via the Montreal Gazette. “Unfortunately, one of the fans who caught a puck thrown by P.K. Subban was just a month old — and she caught it with her head.”

Béatrice was discharged the next morning from Montreal Children’s Hospital, the very same hospital Subban donated a whopping $10 million to just last fall, as noted by Puck Daddy.

The Canadiens said the team had no idea the infant suffered an injury until being alerted by media reports.

“P.K. feels terrible, but he had no idea,” said Canadiens vice-president of communications Donald Beauchamp. “He felt terrible at first, then he felt really happy to hear that all was good … P.K. was so grateful (to hear the child was okay) and he can’t wait to meet with the family.”

It was later arranged for Béatrice and her entire family to attend an upcoming Habs game at Belle Center in the Canadiens Children’s Foundation private suite. It is presumed Tuesday was that night, and it resulted in a wonderful photo-op involving little Béatrice and a very relieved P.K. Subban.