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Curt Schilling once cracked joke about job status in political donation


Curt Schilling has once again found himself in the middle of a controversy courtesy of espousing his political beliefs, something that in the past has been the source of some consternation for his employer, ESPN.

The analyst’s latest batch of trouble stems from him suggesting during a recent radio interview that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be “buried under a jail somewhere” during an inflammatory critique in which he said she belonged in prison.

The controversial comments prompted a brief reaction from ESPN.

“We are addressing it,” ESPN told CNN last Wednesday, refusing to go into any additional details on the matter.

Schilling of course was pulled from his analyst duties at the Little League World Series by ESPN over a tweet that compared modern-day Muslims to Nazi-era Germans. He later apologized.

What makes this old story somewhat interesting is information unearthed Meg Rowley of Lookout Landing and Baseball Prospectus related to a public listing of federal campaign contributors concerning how Schilling made two donations to the campaign of Ben Carson, who has since withdrawn from the Republican presidential race.

Back in September, shortly after he ran afoul of ESPN brass, Shilling made a donation to Carson’s campaign, on which he made a humorous notation concerning his employment status.


As indicated, Schilling accurately lists ESPN as his employer but adds, “(not sure how much longer).”


The donation on top of the list is from Jan. 8, 2016, where Schilling simply states his employer as ESPN.

How much longer that is in light of his latest comments, though remains to be seen, something even Schilling has acknowledged.