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Tom Brady caught on camera giving the finger to cab driver (pic)


Hot offseason NFL news folks, right off the proverbial presses, as it were. Tom Brady was captured on camera flipping the bird at who is believed to be a taxicab driver in New York City on Monday night.

It’s of course unclear exactly what motivated the New England Patriots quarterback to extend his middle finger in the assumed direction of the cabbie, but a report from QUEM Acontecie (via Google Translate) makes the following allegations:

Tom Brady was angered by a taxi driver and decided to take out their anger there. This is because the player who was walking with his wife, Gisele B√ľndchen, the streets of Manhattan in New York, on Monday night (7), did not like the driver at high speed as he crossed the street.

Even outside the pedrestes range – decision put at risk the security of ace – Brady proved very angry with the taxi driver and showed the middle finger to the driver. The attentive cameras of the paparazzi, of course, recorded the time of the obscene gesture of the American football player.

There you have it, people. Tom Brady, like many others, is perfectly capable of flipping the bird at careless or inattentive drivers.

And if we’ve learned one thing from the hackneyed stand-up bits from 1980s comedians, perhaps the only group of people more deserving of scorn on this earth outside of mothers-in-law are New York City cab drivers. So carry on, Tom Brady. Carry on.

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