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Report: LeBron James, Kyrie Irving have ‘real’ disconnect


It’s become quite noticeable of late that something is troubling LeBron James. Between the cryptic tweets and comments about how he’ll be blamed if the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t able to overcome adversity — not to mention what he said after Monday’s troubling loss to the Memphis Grizzlies — something is not quite all right with King James.

According to a new report, some of these perceived issues may be over how he and Kyrie Irving haven’t been able to figure out things on the court.

The Vertical’s Chris Mannix writes that observers are noticing a “real” disconnect between the two superstars.

… the disconnect between Irving and James is real, several scouts and coaches told The Vertical, with the on-court chemistry between the two, said one scout who saw Cleveland play recently, “basically nonexistent.” Team sources insist the relationship is solid, that James is simply teaching, trying to raise Irving’s basketball IQ. No one understands Irving’s importance more than James, team sources told The Vertical, which is why no one is working harder than James to get the two All-Stars on the same page.

It’s certainly disconcerting that James is allegedly having issues with Irving, especially given how he seemingly has never been able to get on the same page with Kevin Love, either. Since these players together comprise James’ latest incarnation of a “Big Three,” the whispers that these issues still exist does not bode well for the team. The fact thatIrving has had to dispute reports he’s unhappy in Cleveland only further complicates matters.

One of the primary reasons James said he wanted to return to the Cavaliers was to play with a young and dynamic player as skilled as Irving and deliver a championship. The fact that over a season-and-a-half later the two supposedly have no on-court chemistry is troubling.

The relationship between Irving and James does seem to be a complicated one. James didn’t hold back when criticizing Irving at points last season, but he also balanced his tough love with high praise on other occasions.

Before the season even started took to social media to proclaim how excited he was to get back on the court with Irving and Love. With this latest report, among other things, that may have been more wishful thinking than anything.