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Mike Tomlin tells DeAngelo Willams to zip it on Twitter


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin took to Twitter to warn DeAngelo Williams that he’d be well-advised to not only halt with all the bashing of Peyton Manning the running back has been doing but also to stop engaging in the social media scrum that has resulted from his commentary.

Williams’ initial comments about Manning — which mostly revolved around how poorly the quarterback played this past season — — came on Monday morning shortly before the Denver Broncos quarterback formally announced his retirement.

If that tweet wasn’t enough of a slam on Manning, Williams made an appearance on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” Tuesday to defend himself, arguing his assessment was accurate, although he did argue that his tweets were being taken out of context.

β€œHe was garbage last year,” Williams said on radio show, via Pro Football Talk.

Many have taken issue with Williams — as evidenced by how he has continued to defend himself on Twitter all the way into Tuesday — over the timing of the tweet and his subsequent comments, saying he wasn’t giving Manning the proper respect during such an obviously significant moment of the quarterback’s career: Its end.

β€œI stand behind all my tweets. If I tweeted it and I said it, I am not apologizing for it,” Williams said.

It’s hard to argue with Williams’ reasonably accurate characterization of Manning’s tough 2015 season. But the timing of his critique arguably was a bit off the mark.

Either way, Coach Tomlin is probably right. Williams has made his opinion known and perhaps now it’s best to drop it.

And let’s be perfectly frank here: Who in their right mind would want to attract the ire of Tomlin?