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Freddie Freeman, wife reveal gender of baby, baseball-style (vid)


Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman and wife Chelsea are expecting the couple’s first child later this year. As a way to incorporate a little baseball theme into the big reveal of the impending little bundle of joy’s gender, the couple took the baseball field for the announcement.

With Freeman armed with a bat and his wife with baseball in hand, the couple proceeded to reveal the baby’s sex in adorable fashion.

The ball had previously been filled with chalk or dust or what have you, blue for boy and pink for girl. So, when Chelsea made her pitch, and Freeman made contact — boom! — gender revealed.

As she notes in her tweet, neither Freddie nor Chelsea had knowledge of the baby’s gender prior to contact, making it as big a surprise for them as for everyone else.

The couple only a few days ago announced that they were even expecting, making for quite the whirlwind from the two, who were married in 2014.