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Bra elderly Flyers fan threw on ice now on display at arena (pic)


An elderly Philadelphia Flyers fan flew onto the scene this week and became a certifiable Internet sensation after she threw a leopard-print brassiere on the ice at Wells Fargo Center after Brayden Schenn notched a hat trick in Monday’s 5-3 win over the Calgary Flames.

The elderly wild child, Anne Duggan, parlayed being captured during the game’s broadcast tossing her bra into an appearance on “Breakfast on Broad,” where the 80-year-old told one heckuva story.

“Can I just say one thing about my favorite Flyer Bernie Parent? I had a broken arm, and I’m walking through and he goes ‘Oh sweetheart, you hurt your arm.’ I said ‘Yeah.’ And he said ‘Oh are you righthanded?’ And I said ‘Yeah Bernie, and if you’re looking for a [sexual act] I can’t give it to ya.’”

Here’s a segment of Duggan’s interview that doesn’t include the bawdy story relayed above.

Wow. What a lady.

Not only is Miss Duggan the talk of the town, she is also being honored at the Flyers’ home rink … well, her bra is being honored, that is … as Dugan’s bra is now prominently displayed among the items thrown on the ice after Schenn’s hat trick.