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LeBron James’ latest cryptic tweet is about ‘being around great friends’


LeBron James has set the basketball world atwitter with his social media musings this week. And mere moments after he spoke in a monosyllabic manner about tweets he posted recently in which he mused about making a “mistake,” he returned to Twitter to offer up another cryptic message.

What makes the “great friends” tweet so intriguing is not only the timing of it given he’d just been somewhat standoffish with reporters — he finished his nine-minute chat with the media with “love you guys” — but also how he had just spent a few days back in his old stomping grounds of Miami where he hung out and worked out with longtime pal Dwyane Wade.

When asked why he opted to travel to South Beach during a stretch where the Cavaliers didn’t play a game between Monday’s win over the Indiana Pacers and Friday’s tilt with the Washington Wizards, James explained it as follows:

“Cuz I want to.”

He then elaborated, explaining it’s more convenient to travel  south to Miami as opposed to west to Los Angeles where he owns a home. He then concluded his thoughts on the topic by saying, “But I go because I want to.”

James was later asked about his much ballyhooed and cryptic tweets from earlier in the week. Speculation abounded concerning the potential identity of the intended recipient. Was it directed at himself? One or more of his Cavaliers teammates? Someone else entirely?

When asked if the tweets were directed at a specific Cavaliers player or a team-related issue, James’ comments were brief.

“No. Nope,” he said.

Irrespective of one’s personal opinions of LeBron James as a basketball player or a team leader — or the Cavaliers as a team, for that matter — one thing is certain: For a team that sits atop the East and remains the favorite to represent the conference in the NBA Finals, there sure seems to be an inordinate amount of drama surrounding the squad.

James’ decision to continue offering up cryptic tweets to the over-curious masses won’t stop it, either.