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Sam Dekker gets in Twitter war with bitter Badgers fan


Sam Dekker’s transition to the NBA hasn’t gone exactly as he planned. Leaving the Wisconsin Badgers program one year early after his junior season, the forward was selected 18th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets.

Things have not progressed well in his rookie season. A back injury during the summer short-circuited his development and after appearing in all eight Rockets preseason games, he only managed six total minutes on the court during the regular season. In November, Dekker was declared out for three months after requiring back surgery.

He has since bounced back and forth from the D-League on rehab assignments, meaning his rookie season continues to be stuck in neutral.

With the Rockets playing in Wisconsin on Monday in a tilt against the Milwaukee Badgers, the notion that it was a big mistake by Dekker to leave school earlier has been suggested, something he feels is patently absurd as evidenced by him calling out the media on Twitter.

All the talk surrounding Dekker’s return to Wisconsin elicited a negative response in at least one die-hard Badger Backer, who took to Twitter to blast the basketball player for not honoring his “commitment” to the university, as noted by Black Sports Online.

The above tweets have since been deleted, but Dekker did respond to them prior to them being wiped clean.

Fellow former Badger Frank Kaminsky took to Twitter as well to back Dekker, although he later deleted the tweet.

The disgruntled Badgers fan in question sent out one last tweet in response to Kaminsky’s tweet before deleting her account entirely.

Jeesh Frank quit yelling at me. We appreciate that you could have gone out a year earlier BUT you showed loyalty!

— Lori VanNatta (@LoriVanNatta) March 2, 2016

But that hasn’t stopped Dekker from continuing his tirade against the notion he owed Badgers fans or the program anything more than what he has already given.^tfw

Given the Badgers fan has attempted to disappear off Twitter indicates that Dekker’s impassioned defense at the very least stopped her from further condemning him for his so-called disloyalty.

For what it’s worth, it should be noted that Dekker did not seen any action in the Rockets’ 128-121 loss the Bucks on Monday night.