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LeBron James sends out cryptic tweets about making a ‘mistake’


A day after LeBron James went down the Cleveland Cavaliers roster pointing out the limited playoff experience of each and every player — outside of him of course — the superstar took to social media on Tuesday to post cryptic tweets about making a “mistake” and living with it.

It’s of course unclear the intended target or targets of the tweets, whether it be James himself, one of his teammates or someone else entirely.

But is it possible that James is lambasting himself for making the following critical comments in such a public manner?

“We got a lot of guys that haven’t played meaningful basketball in their career,” James said Monday. “And it sucks, but you look at our guys that mean much to our team … these guys haven’t played a lot of meaningful basketball games and (haven’t had) a lot of games to learn and experience, so every game for us is experience.

“It’s no knock on them,” he continued. “It’s just the situation that they were in. So our learning is every single game where we got to learn every single game how to win games, how to play certain situations that they haven’t seen and that’s just the reality of it.”

On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the tweets could be intended for one or more of his teammates, especially in light of how the team was scuttling along while losing three of four games before Monday’s win over the Indiana Pacers, outings in which Kyrie Irving in particular struggled.

After all, James last year appeared to call out Kevin Love on Twitter after his new teammate addressed how he was working on trying to fit in with the Cavaliers.

James first denied the tweet was intended for anyone on the Cavaliers but later admitted the tweet was meant for Love. What that probably means is that no one will ever know — besides James of course — the actual meaning behind Tuesday’s cryptic tweets.

Either way, James already has stated he expects to be blamed for anything and everything involving the Cavaliers anyway.