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‘Jeopardy!’ contestant apologizes for Warriors logo-related fail (vid)


In what is a relatively infrequent occurrence but nevertheless hilarious every time it occurs, a trio contestants on “Jeopardy!” who by default are pretty intelligent folks — at least when it comes to possessing an overabundance of trivial knowledge — were left utterly baffled, totally dumbfounded and completely humbled when presented with a sports-related answer.

Titi Alailima, the contestant who requested the answer from the category “California Sports Teams” for $800, whiffed — as did his two competitors — when the Golden State Warriors logo appeared onscreen and all three failed to identify it.

Alailima, who must have been embarrassed by the fact he couldn’t come up with the name of the reigning NBA champions who are on running roughshod on the league during a history-making run, took to Twitter to apologize for his gaffe.

Tough break, to be sure. But to be fair, appearing on “Jeopardy!” must be pretty high-pressure situation, what with the bright lights and cameras and the inordinate amount of stress that must come with Alex Trebek standing there self-righteously judging you and stuff.