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Russell Wilson launches Good Man Brand clothing line (pics)


Russell Wilson isn’t utilizing the free time afforded him during the offseason to romancing Ciara, as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback showcased Monday when he officially launched his Good Man Brand clothing line.

“We’re going to change a culture through fashion,” Wilson said during a Q&A at a Nordstrom’s in Seattle. “This is not a celebrity-driven brand. I wanted to make unbelievable clothes. That was a no-brainer. That’s the most important thing.”

How does Wilson and his three business partners in this venture hope to accomplish that? By donating $3 from every item purchased to charity, specifically the Why Not You Foundation.

The quarterback explained the look and style his new fashion line aspires to achieve by interestingly likening it to a basketball player with an all-around game.

“I think about a great jump shooter, a guy who can shoot from way outside,” Wilson told GQ magazine. “And then the guy who can hit easy layups. So when it comes to clothes, I had the great suits and I had the shorts and T-shirts. But I wanted that mid-range game that I could dress up and down.”

Wilson envisions the clothes offered for his line would be perfect “for a guy who’s trying to take out a girl that’s way out of his league.”

Given his longstanding relationship with Ciara, perhaps he’s slyly referring to himself, especially given how clumsily he resorted to Google Search to pay her compliments on social media on a couple of embarrassing occasions.

The entire line will be available via its official website as well as in 20-plus Nordstrom stores and 75 “mom and pop” shops, as Wilson referred to them.

The clothes offered are not inexpensive, either. A t-shirt runs for $76 and a pair of slip-on shoes will cost a person an astounding $298.

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