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Yoenis Cespedes explains why he’s showcasing his sweet rides


The week that was in New York Mets training camp predominantly revolved around what kind of fancy-schmancy automobile Yoenis Cespedes would drive into the parking lot of the team’s spring training facilities every day.

Well, there were plenty of other interesting stories, anecdotes and the like coming out of Tradition Field that actually concerned, you know, actual baseball, but Cespedes treating spring training as his own personal auto show this week certainly captured the imagination of social media and the Internet at-large.

The hype surrounding Cespedes emptying out his garage could partly be attributed to the unveiling of sweet rides like the Batmobile-esque, custom Avorza Polaris Slingshot he showed off on Tuesday.

But there was also the custom Ford F-250. And then there was the $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador that featured something in the range of $80,000 in customized upgrades. And the candy-apple red Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione ($250,000 MSRP) mustn’t be forgotten, either.

And on Friday? Picture Cespedes rolling in a tricked-out Jeep. Actually, no need to picture it, as Anthony DiComo tweeted out video of the Mets slugger arriving on-site Friday morning, as well as some additional photographs.

A pretty impressive vehicle, to be sure, especially given the customization work needed it to pass muster cost Cespedes approximately $80,000.

A quick photographic rundown of all the custom rides Cespedes unveiled this week follows, along with additional details.

Some hypercritical members of the media and even some fans have questioned Cespedes for his showy display, arguing it comes off as ostentatious and materialistic.

And while that case can be made to a certain extent, Cespedes did his best to explain what motivated him to roll out all these luxury automobiles as well as his reasoning for buying the vehicles and customizing them in the first place.

While may not justifying the week-long showcase to some people, Cespedes’ pride in his impressive fleet of automobiles is at least understandable and puts things in some semblance of perspective.