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Steve Kerr sarcastically rips Oscar Robertson’s Steph Curry talk


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sarcastically mocked and ridiculed NBA legend Oscar Robertson’s contention that Stephen Curry wouldn’t have been as dominant in an earlier era because today’s coaches don’t know how to coach and modern players don’t know how to play defense.

“[Curry] has shot well because of what’s going on in basketball today. In basketball today, it’s almost like if you can dunk or make a three-point shot, you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread,” The Big O said during an appearance on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” radio show this week. ” There have been some great shooters in the past…but here again, when I played…if you shot outside and hit it, the next time I’m going to be up on top of you. I’m going to pressure you with three-quarters, half-court defense. But now they don’t do that. These coaches do not understand the game of basketball, as far as I’m concerned.”

Robertson’s “In My Day” rant against basketball in the modern era while reminiscing on the halcyon days of old when the game was played “better” — in his eyes — continued with additional rose-colored glasses-tinged recollections of basketball during his heyday while bemoaning today’s game. But Kerr specifically reacted to Robertson’s comments above when firing back a savage salvo soaking with sarcasm.

“Oh I’m sure, yeah,” Kerr said, via FOX Sports. “I could have stopped this back in my time. Boy, I would have shut Steph down. …

“Because athletes, you know, 50 years ago were much bigger, stronger and faster, more finely tuned. So Steph might not have made it in the league.”

Zing. Although Curry made it pretty easy on his coach by scoring 51 points in Golden State’s 130-114 win over the Orland Magic, breaking the NBA record for consecutive games with a made three-point shot.

So, yeah, just another day at the office for Curry. And for Kerr, too, for that matter, as he’s constantly compelled to defend the Warriors’ excellence.