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Brooks Laich, Julianne Hough leave huge tip on $24 tab (pic)


Washington Capitals superstar Brooks Laich and longtime gal pal Julianne Hough made one restaurant server’s night earlier this week when they left a $100 tip on a $24 tab following a meal out.

The thoughtful gesture occurred at Don Tito, a Mexican joint located in Arlington, Va., where the NHL player and the recent star of “Grease Live!” feasted on tacos and sipped on a couple of Bombay Sapphire cocktails. A Blue Moon beer apparently made an appearance on the supercouple’s table.


Large gratuities being left by millionaire athletes and Hollywood stars or starlets of course is nothing new but it always generates interest. These people of course have the the means to do so but that doesn’t take away from their decent act of generosity.

Laich and Hough — who can be sickeningly saccharine in their social media communications — have been dating since early 2014 and became engaged in August of last year.

(image via Russian Machine Never Breaks)