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Amateur meteorologist Mike Trout has his own weather balloon


One of the more interesting aspects of Mike Trout’s off-the-field personality is his passion for weather and his nerd-like obsession with the field of meteorology.

The Los Angeles Angels superstar slugger now can indulge his interests in all things weather-related thanks to a kind gesture from Weather Channel meteorologist and fellow “self-proclaimed Weather GEEK” Jim Cantore, who recently presented Trout with his very own weather balloon.

“I’m really excited about that,” Trout said of the unique gift, via Cut4. Now he can conduct his own localized meteorological readings instead of relying upon the constant checking of websites and radar and whatnot, something he apparently does to no end.

And this interest in weather is some fly-by-night, off-the-cuff and casual thing for Trout, either. He actually served as an on-the-scene correspondent for The Weather Channel in his hometown of Millville, N.J., when the East Coast was hammered by a snowstorm on Jan. 23.

Trout didn’t take his assignment lightly, either, as he apparently stayed “up all night” and made sure on the hour he was “checking the measurements,” much to the chagrin of longtime gal pal Jessica Cox.

“My girlfriend tells me that I’m crazy, because I’m up every hour, just seeing the snow fall,” he said. “I like this stuff, man. I like thunderstorms. Obviously tornadoes are bad, because they wipe out towns and cities, but I enjoy watching them.”

It appears his love for all things weather may serve a purpose down the road, as Cantore said Trout will “probably gonna go into weather in about 20 years after his career ends.”

That’s a good thing. Trout will need something to fall back on once his MLB career is over and finished. You know, to pay the bills and stuff.