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Kobe Bryant kindly rebuffs woman’s attempt to hug him (video)


As Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour continues to soldier on in its death march to an inevitable conclusion that ends in his retirement at season’s end, fans in NBA cities across the land hope to get one last look up close at the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

Some, however, arguably attempt to take it a step too far, as evidenced by one overly enthusiastic woman eager to share an embrace with Kobe during Wednesday night’s game at FedEx Forum against the hometown Memphis Grizzlies.

As Bryant makes his way to a seat on the bench, the woman, overjoyed to be in such close proximity to the superstar, raises her arm as if she’s expecting Bryant to reach down and envelop her in a hug.

Sadly for her, Bryant wasn’t having any of it, but it appears he did put the kibosh on it in the nicest way possible so not to upset his Annie Wilkes-like admirer.


Strangely, though, while she was rebuffed, additional images surfaced on social media that indicated the woman did get her chance to get up and close and personal with Bryant at some point or another, even sharing a laugh with him, perhaps over his declining of her request for an embrace.

So, all the awkwardness ended with a happy ending for everyone. Even Kobe’s Annie Wilkes-like “Number-one fan.”