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San Jose Sharks to give away Brent Burns Chia Pet (pic)


Brent Burns is a phenomenal hockey player, that much is certain. But perhaps his greatest claim to fame may be the way he keeps his head and facial hair delightfully unkempt hair and ratty. So much so, in fact, he has been referred to on this here blog as a “feral wild man” and a “hobo” who may or may not have “lived under a bridge” at some point or another.

Those endearing qualities related to his appearance is the reason why the San Jose Sharks’ upcoming promotion involving Burns makes perfect sense.

Behold, the Brent Burns Chia Pet.


It does warrant mentioning, though, that for two years straight now Burns has shaved off his epic beard and hair for charity, demonstrating that he has impeccable class that matches his style … or something.

All the relevant details, via the Sharks’ official site:

Here’s your chance to see if you can grow a cooler beard than Burnzie. Pick up a Chia Burns Ticket Package and get a limited edition Chia Burns and a ticket to Social Media Night when your Sharks take on the Los Angeles Kings on Monday, March 28 at SAP Center. The only way to get access to this limited edition Chia Burns is through this ticket package starting as low as $50.

Chia Burns Pack Includes:

1 Ticket

1 Chia Burns

The Sharks aren’t even the first professional sports team to celebrate one of its players letting their freak flag fly with some far-out facial hair and whatnot. The Washington Nationals held a similar promotion last season in tribute of the majestic wonder that is Jayson Werth’s beard.