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LeBron James reacts to Anderson Varejao’s Warriors praise


LeBron James said earlier this week he had no beef with former teammate Anderson Varejao over his decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors over every other NBA team after he was cut by the Portland Trail Blazers following a trade deadline transaction.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar may take issue, however, with how Varjao went out of his way to praise the wonderful chemistry he’s witnessed on the Warriors since joining the team, saying the teammates “love each other.”

In fact, the way Varejao framed his comments, it was almost like he was taking a post-trade potshot at his former squad.

When asked to react to what Varejao had to say and whether or not his comments were an indication that the Cavaliers struggle with chemistry issues, James completely blew off such a notion, bluntly stating, “No.”

“I would hope if you’re 50-5 that everyone loves each other, I mean, (expletive),” James said following Cavs’ shootaround Wednesday, via’s Joe Vardon. “What else do you want at that point? Duh. Anybody could say that. Stevie Wonder could say that.”

There has of course been some semblance of chemistry issues since James rejoined the Cavaliers before last season, specifically related to his inability to get on the same page with Kevin Love.

But it’s easy to forget how the Cavaliers’ remarkable season (40-15 overall and leading the Eastern Conference) is being overshadowed by the Warriors’ history-making run to unparalleled excellence.

“There’s so much great basketball being played, and I understand that those guys are the cream of the crop,” James said. “They’re the defending champions and they’ve continued to get better as they were from last year. But they’re not going to be the only team that enters the playoff pool. You can be 82-0, man, once the playoffs start, everyone’s 0-0. Let’s get back to the beginning. It’s messed up, but that’s what happens.

“And hopefully you’ve built enough chemistry, which it seems like they have, and enough out on the court where you can take that on to the next phase, but regular season record-wise is great for the record books but it means nothing for the postseason.”