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49ers send package to homeless man victimized by cruel prank (vid)


A New Jersey man who was victimized by a malicious prank in January has captivated not only the local community but an NFL team located on the other side of the country.

Ronald Leggatt, 65, was the target of a cruel mistreatment when a person offered to pay him $5 to pour a cup of coffee on his head while being recorded. Leggatt was then asked to pour another cup of coffee his head for more money.

“At first I thought it was an act of kindness but I was wrong,” said witness Carlos Mejia, 22, in a Facebook post, via the New York Daily News.

“The poor man’s eyes and face were red because of the burning coffee,” he added.

The video of the reprehensible treatment Leggatt endured went viral, drawing attention from the local media. Leggatt shared his story to The Lakewood Scoop but the local police said charges couldn’t be filed against the perpetrator of the prank, although he did apologized for what he did.

Things since then have taken a turn for the better for Legatt, including the San Francisco 49ers reaching out to lend a helping hand (via

Leggatt was put up in a hotel room after a fundraiser on raised money for him. And apparently on Friday, he was presented with a gift from the San Francisco 49ers.

Steve Brigham, a minister who helped lead Lakewood’s Tent City and a homeless advocate, said in a YouTube video that the 49ers called him and wanted to help Leggatt.

Since Leggatt was wearing a weathered 49ers jacket, the team sent him a brand new jacket and other team gear.

A spokesman for the 49ers, Bob Lange, confirmed to NJ Advance Media that the team sent Leggatt the package. 

Video of Leggatt receiving his care package from the 49ers has since been uploaded.

While this story had a (relatively) happy ending, it’s nevertheless a shameful reminder how horribly people can treat other people, especially the most vulnerable ones among us.