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Rob Gronkowski after wild cruise: Time to start ‘getting right’


Sadly, all parties must come to an end. Even absolutely insane ones spearheaded and presided over by renowned party-hearty playboy Rob Gronkowski.

The wild and crazy, booze-soaked, three-day cruise Gronkowski and 700 of his fans embarked upon to the Bahamas over the weekend returned to port on Monday night.

And while the cruise has taken on hedonistic status that would make Caligula blush given the social media reports, photographs and videos from aboard the Norwegian Pearl — a 965-footer boasting 13 bars and lounges among other luxurious amenities — the New England Patriots tight end acknowledged that it’s time for him to refocus himself on preparing to be the best NFL player he can be.

Or, in Gronk’s words, “getting right.”

Gronk’s dispatches from sea on Twitter were few and far between — although his official Instagram page chronicled the debauchery quite nicely — he did thank everyone for coming out and joining him on the outing that left Miami on Friday with 2,300 passengers.

Turnt up, indeed.

Gronkowski also issued the following statement to the Boston Globe.

“I am having the most amazing time on board the ship,” the statement read. “Seeing fans from all [over] the country is awesome, and we are all party-rocking together to some of the most amazing music and DJs. If you didn’t join us, you missed out on a great time.”

But the wildest aspect of the aforementioned 2,300 total passengers who were on the seafaring vessel is that only 700 specifically signed up for the “Gronk Cruise.” The remaining 1,600 passengers? It’s reasonable to assume they experienced quite the surprise when learning exactly who else was aboard.

Perhaps the best way to summarize the three-day voyage is courtesy of the thoughts expressed by this passenger.

“Am I having a good time? Oh my God, yes! Although I kind of don’t remember last night. I might have blacked out,” said one woman. “There’s absolutely no way I’m telling you my name.”

That makes sense. Suffice to say, Gronk might not be the only person who went on the cruise who has a long way to go before “getting right” again.