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Von Miller: Johnny Manziel is on ‘the right track now’


Von Miller has been an outspoken supporter of fellow former Texas A&M standout Johnny Manziel in recent weeks as the troubles disturbingly continued to mount for the quarterback. And the Denver Broncos linebacker once again has publicly come to the defense of Manziel, saying that despite all evidence to the contrary, is on the road to straightening out his life.

The Super Bowl champion was in College Station, Tex., over the weekend to take in the Aggies’ upset win over the Kentucky Wildcats.

“I truly believe he’s on the right track now,” said Miller, who has indicated he texts and talks with Manziel frequently.

Miller previously expressed support for Manziel shortly after the Broncos won the Super Bowl, taking to Instagram to give the quarterback a public shout-out.

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“I Love you fam! Grind, get back to Johnny all the ags know and love, Grind bro, 2yrs ago they counted me out, 2yrs frm now you can do the same!! Support no matter what!” Miller wrote on Instagram.

“I’m not worried,” he said, via an AP report. “I feel like Johnny’s taking care of business. He has adversity. Everybody has been here with adversity. I’ve been here with my own personal adversity. The support that I’m giving him is the support that he’s given me in the past.”

Adversity arguably understates Manziel’s dire situation as it stands. Dallas police offered a brief statement Saturday afternoon concerning an investigation into an alleged domestic assault incident involving Manziel and ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley in an area hotel on Jan. 30.

But despite the potential legal ramifications and possible repercussions that could result from the police investigation — not to mention that Manziel’s NFL future is very much in doubt given it’s expected that the Cleveland Browns will cut Manziel loose in March —  Miller clearly feels that Manziel is on the way to getting things in order. At the same time, the case can be made there’s nowhere go but up for Manziel from here.