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Awkward: Kurt Rambis appears to ‘like’ pornographic tweet


New York Knicks interim head coach Kurt Rambis allegedly liked a pornographic tweet featuring a woman masturbating, reports the New York Daily News.

The tweet read, “Love female masturbation,” and included a hashtag indicating it wasn’t appropriate for the workplace.

“The photo is of an Asian woman pleasing herself while standing in front of a mirror, with the reflection of her backside also visible,” reads the Daily News’ description of the tweet which contained a link to presumably additional pornographic content (image of tweet edited for content can be seen here).

What’s the deal with horndoggery and Knicks coaches? Rambis did replace Derek Fisher, after all…

Rambis, who has over 44,000 followers on Twitter, appears to be a follower himself of a @GreatAssDaily Twitter account. It merits noting that Rambis’ last tweet was 34 days ago, so he’s not a particularly prolific on social media, although one doesn’t need to tweet a lot to use the site for other purposes.

There has been no indication just yet that Rambis or his reps will make the case that his Twitter account was hacked or anything of that nature.

Meanwhile, the Knicks reportedly are aware of the situation but have not commented at this time.

Rambis is of course a grown man and as such has every right to peruse pornographic content online. Still, it practically goes without saying: Awkward.

UPDATE: Disregard the above note that Rambis hasn’t gone the “I was hacked” route. To wit, via the Daily News:

According to a Knicks official, however, Rambis was hacked and/or spammed. In addition to the pornography, Rambis’ account showed that he liked a money-lending tweet that he did not, according to Jonathan Supranowitz, the team’s VP of Public Relations.

“Kurt did not like those items on his Twitter page and we worked with Twitter to make sure the situation did not happen again,” Supranowitz said.

Of course that’s how it played out. Gotcha.