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New Dolphins coach Adam Gase jammed with Melissa Etheridge?

Adam Gase took up the guitar years ago when he was serving as an assistant on the Denver Broncos coaching staff, and his affinity for the instrument paid dividends over the weekend when he got the chance to jam with Melissa Etheridge ahead of a concert over the weekend.

The paths of the new Miami Dolphins head coach and the rocker crossed at the NFL team’s sixth annual Dolphins Cancer Challenge, and Gase characterized his impromptu jam session with rock royalty as follows:

“I go back on the tour bus and she’s plugged in,” he said, via the Palm Beach Post. “She starts playing. She goes, ‘You play at all?’ I go, ‘A little bit.’

“A little nervousness is coming over me, like, ‘Please don’t ask me to play. Please don’t ask me to play.’

“She goes, ‘Well, hey, let’s plug in.’

“We start messing around a little bit, as far as trying to jam a little bit.”

Gase refused to pat himself on the back too much but did concede he held his own to a certain extent.

“I think I was all right,” he said. “I survived.”

But in the end, Gase acknowledged that Etheridge did most of the heavy lifting music-wise, as it were.

“I think it’s a good thing she carried everything and I was just making a lot of noise.”

Still, his nervous playing, no matter how inept it may have been, made an impression on Etheridge.

“Your coach is a cool guy,” Etheridge said as she took the stage for her performance.

That was awfully nice of her to say. Although what else was she going to say at an event put on the by the Dolphins? “Thanks for having me. Your new head coach is one crappy guitar player … and a total dolt to boot.”