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MMA fighter David Rickels got over loss by ‘masturbating violently’


MMA fighter David Rickels experienced a devastating loss last November and he recently admitted — while perhaps revealing a bit too much — to a reporter the unconventional and “hands-on” way he handled things in the aftermath of the letdown.

The Bellator brawler Rickels was K.O.’ed by Michael Chandler in the second round of a Nov. 6 match, and shared with Mike Bohn that he got over the loss by “crying a lot and masturbating violently.”

Well, not much more needs to be covered here, right? His nickname is “The Caveman,” although it’s unclear how that moniker ties into the notion that he cried a lot and engaged in sexual self-gratification after losing a bout.

Oh wait, one last thing: Rickels, who apparently has no shame and is willing to share the most personal and private of personal and private details, did amend his original comments to include one additional thing that helped him get over losing the fight.

Makes sense.