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Dan Orlovksy mocks himself to salute Jared Allen on retirement


Dan Orlovsky’s NFL career arguably — and unfortunately — can be summed up in one boneheaded play involving newly retired Jared Allen. And in a sign of class and a demonstration of a fine sense of humor, Orlovsky used self-deprecation to salute the sackmaster on his phenomenal NFL career.

The current Detroit Lions backup quarterback was under center — during the team’s winless season in 2008, no less — in a game against the Minnesota Vikings at the since-demolished Metrodome.

During a play deep in Lions territory in the first quarter, Allen broke loose and was in hot pursuit of Orlovsky. The quarterback did his best to elude the defensive end hot in pursuit, but his scrambling took him into the end zone. Not keeping track of where he was, Orlovsky embarrassingly proceeded to run out of the back of the end for a safety.


The Lions ended up losing the game by a score of 12-10, meaning the self-inflicted safety proved to be a critical play.

Now that Allen has brilliantly announced his retirement in a way only Jared Allen could do it, Orlovsky decided to take to social media to congratulate him on it, albeit by taking a humorous potshot at himself in the process.


“Hey @jaredallen69 thanks bro,” he wrote on Instagram. “Congrats on retirement, I’ll NEVER forget ya.”

In a word: Awesome.