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Gilbert Arenas posts more offensive comments on social media


Over the past several months, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has managed to remain in the public eye by posting offensive, sometimes reprehensible comments and observations on social media. It’s been a few weeks since he’s posted something outlandish, so it’s no surprise he has resurfaced again, this time making crude comments while discussing his plan to lock-down a front row seat to see Kobe Bryant play in his last home game at Staples Center before he retires.

His rant begins innocently enough while detailing a scheme he’s hatching to sign a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. It goes downhill quickly from there, as Arenas then suggests that he doesn’t want a seat on the Lakers bench next to Nick Young and Roy Hibbert. Why? Because Arenas reprehensibly suggests they have Down syndrome.

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Arenas’ entire Instagram screed, slightly edited for “clarity” (as if that’s going to happen) and explicit content, but horrendous spelling errors, terrible punctuation and ridiculous hashtags, etc. have been preserved (via Black Sports Online):

Just tried to get courtside seats to #Kobes Last home game #smdh #SOLDOUT…..

But yall know I keeps a backup plan… I look at the end of the lakers bench AND realize what #hibbert #metta@swaggyp1 been doing all season #WatchingKobesLastSeason in those NICE#CourtsideSeats….

Buss you gotta let me be down..give ya boy a #10day from (april 3rd-13th) ill pay for the seat…I dont want the seat #metta sits in…that (expletive) so far in the corner,I thought that n***a was security last time he wore all blk #NOTHX…..

dont sit me next to #nick or #hibbert they#downsyndrome looks like its catchable,NOT paying top dolla to catch what them two #n***s look like they got #NOTHX hahahaha

Just as long as im on the left side of that bighead n***a #sacre NO offence bra I wanna see the #Mamba not a life size #bottlehead version of #Mrclean AND far away from #byronscott as possible…the way he coaches,hes liable put anyone in whos sitting next to him (jack nickelson #batman go get #russell and u guard #cousin’s #playhard) hahahaha ..

can somebody let me know who I can contact for My request demands hahahahaha

So, um, yeah. Whatever that all means.

Gilbert Arenas: Still keeping it classy. Then again, when one’s social media track record involves making shamefully misogynistic comments about WNBA players and making light of the Flint water crisis by disparaging the city’s female residents … well, what else can be expected?

A Profile in Douchebaggery, indeed.